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Thursday, August 21, 2008

J.L.Esposito An Expert In Islam?? Huh..Expert..hehehe..

All of bro AnWar's foreign supporters are like him, Master of Deception,..heheh..wat can I wat Jentayu says bout Gus Dur after d email posting on a website wch i forgot whr as i jst copied d articles as she claim to have read and thus her comment is acceptable to me, heheh..we agree to disagree rite so i'm a bit lazy to post to much on dis JL Esposito guy as he is as fake as bro AnWar & dey r all in league wth d devil...d illuminatis have deir messenger evrywhr planted in strategic places n positions in d world..heheh..wat can I say..(",)

Subject: I Disagree with using John L. Esposito
Date: 8/27/98,2:57:00 PM
From: imank@...
To: ISLAM-L@...

To Those Interested,

I have read John L. Esposito book "Islam the Straight Path" as well as
several other books that he has published. I reject this book as a Muslim to
be used for someone to learn about Islam. Although I do not know of this mans
intentions, this book fails dismally in teaching about Islam. I do not have
the time to go into depth about all my rejections or concerns about this book,
but I will mention a few things that have caused me to reject this book below.

Chapter 1

Page 6 The author claims that very little was know about the Prophet
(s.a.w.) prior to becoming a Prophet.

I question what he means by very little. Muslims know the events that
happened in Mecca prior to his birth and some information about his parents.
This includes information about his life with his wet nurse, when he was
returned to his mother, his mother's death, and his life as an orphan. We
of his caravan trip when the caravan was meet by a Christian monk that begged
the family to take him back home because the Monk saw signs that indicated
he was the prophet to come that had been written about in their transcripts.
We also know that the people of Mecca respected him for his honesty and
truthfulness prior to becoming a Prophet amongst many other things.

page 9

The author emphasized that the Prophet (s.a.w.) was a caravan leader and
had the opportunity during his travels to learn about many other religions. At
the same time he failed to give any supporting information that the people
there was another prophet to come.

page 17

The author claims that since the Jews did not accept Islam so the Prophet
(s.a.w.) changed the directions of the prayers. Muslims know that this was
the reason.

page 18

"The Jewish tribes were individually accused of treason after each battle
until they were no longer inhabitance of Medina."

The author makes this accusation without mentioning some of the positive
relationships that the Prophet (s.a.w.) had with some of the Jewish people
prior to and after Islam became a power. He also fails to mention anywhere
contracts that the Muslims had made in good faith with the Jewish tribes.

page 12

The author insinuates that the Muslims continued a reign of terror until
the Meccans and mercenary Bedouins were forced to mount a siege against them
Medina, "The Battle of the Ditch". He fails to give any information about
their persecution in Mecca, the contracts that they had made with all the
different tribes of Medina, who organised this event, the handful of Muslims
against some very strong armies, or the actions on both sides that lead up to
this moment.

page 32

"Repentance is simply remembering to return to God's path, the straight
path of Islam. There is little or no emphasis on feeling of shame and
or guilt."

In my opinion the author denies Muslims of having feelings of shame,
disgrace, or guilt due to wronging their soul. Any healthy individuals would
have these feelings. Further more there are lessons in hadith that show us
examples of how disturbed the Muslims were when they thought that they had
something wrong and what the punishment was in certain cases.

page 29

The author claims that Muslims believe in angels, jinn, and devils.
Muslims do believe in angels and good and bad jinn. However he classified
Iblis (Satan) as a fallen angel thereby giving angles free will. Muslims do
not believe this. He has taken a Christian belief and made it a Muslim

Summary of Chapter One

The author stated that little is known about the Prophet (s.a.w.) prior
him becoming a prophet. By doing this he is able to avoid showing how Allah
(s.w.t.) protected and cared for the Prophet as a baby and in childhood. He
ignores the priest recognizing the signs of prophecy and the Prophet (s.a.w.)
while he was traveling in the caravan with his uncle as well as the Jews and
Christians believing that they were living in a period of time when another
prophet was to come. Although I can not find the lines at this time, on
several occasions Allah (s.w.t.) is referred to as a false deity by using a
small "g" when speaking of Him as God.

Chapter 2

In this chapter the author continues to mix facts with fiction and omits
significant points of history. He attempts to cover too large of a time
and fails to cover some essential facts to assist the reader in understanding
why some events happened after the death of the Prophet (s.a.w.). The first
civil was was covered adequately when one is speaking of the positions of Ali
and Mu`awayah. However, he failed to mention many of the prophecies of the
Prophet (s.a.w) (Ammar b. Yasir, al-Hasan ibn Ali, and the reference of the
Khawarij) that informed the Muslims there would be a war between them.

page 41 under "The Rightly Guided Caliphs"

"........... the caliph enjoyed religious prestige as head of the
community of believers (umma)."

From this statement one has the ability to see the contrast of what
leadership and rights to rule has been reduced to today. During the time of
the Rightly Guided Caliphs this position was not regarded as a prestigious
position but as a burden of responsibility that could not be avoided. For
understood they would be held accountable not only for their actions but also
their inaction. It was now their responsibility to continue leading the
in the path of Allah (s.w.t.) and by doing thus they would be doing what was
the best for all mankind. From reading about the Caliphs history we find Abu
Bakker (who was a wealthy man during the time of the Prophet (s.a.w.)) was a
poor man at the time of his wealth. We also know that Omar was very stern
about keeping any part of the Muslims wealth seperate of his and decreased his
salary when his wife prepared a sweet for their meal.

Summary of Chapter 2

Under the Crusades: The author states that the Crusades was a political
war and not a "Holy War". Mr. Esposito, also demonstrated that he is
knowledgeable of the Arabic language by mentioning the words dar al-harb and
it's meaning. He also gave an explanation for the word jihad although he
failed to mention that everyone experience many different types of jihad
their life time. After doing this he continued to perpetuate the incorrect
stereotype definition of jihad. He also mentions the word "infidel" which has
it's origins in Latin and not Arabic.

Chapter 3

The main topic of this chapter is Islamic Law. Although the author
reports the historical facts about Islamic Law he immediately follows this
information up with a quotation from Schacht (page 82) that causes one to
question what Muslims believe. "On the basis of his research, Schacht found no
evidence of legal traditions before 722, or one hundred years after the death
of Muhammad. Thus, he concluded the Sunna of the Prophet is not the words and
deed of the Prophet, but apocryphal material originating from customary
practice that was projected back to the eighth century to more authoritative
sources - first the Successor, then the Companions, and finally the Prophet

In this chapter he also address the woman's position in Islam which is
accurate. Although it was not his responsibility to state that the women were
valued in Islam centuries before western countries gave women some of these
rights, I wish he would have.

He also talks about the different sects (for lack of a better word) within
Islam i.e., (Sufi, Shia, and Sunni) I had some problems with his position in
this area. I am not saying that there you have to believe that there is only
one sect that follows Islam (although I have my personal feelings). What I
disliked was, "Alongside the exterior path of law (shari) is the interior path
or way of mysticism." "................ the sufi path is a way of
purification, a discipline of mind and body whose goal was to directly
experience the ultimate reality." To be fair, he also wrote, "Awareness of
divine presence in all of creation became a justification for the assimilation
of saint worship, fetishism, and all manner of magical and superstitious
practices." (page 112) Although I do not disagree with most of what he has
stated while using what the sufi claims concerning their path, he does not
treat the other sects fairly in my opinion. When ever he mentioned the Sufi
position in comparison it to the suni or shia he always choses the Sufi
position as being most favorable.

Chapter 4 A Summary

In this chapter he covers Modern Interpretation of Islam. Here he
mentions the different movements from the Wahhabi Movements, different
countrymen efforts, to Modernism. From the limited knowledge that I have the
information was correct. However, I had problems with a person that is
of my religion recommending the Modernism and Contemporary Movements. Although
ijtihad is required when facing new events or incidents that have taken place
in our recent history that do not have similar incidents from the past. I
disagree with making changes that have a past reference, such as women no
longer needing to cover because they now lived in a modern societies.
he did not suggest this in so many words, there are people taking the
modernistic or contemporary position that claim this is no longer required.
In my opinion other religions have followed similar paths of modernizing their
religion. When this was done certain parts of their religion was considered a
given, but over time the very foundation of some of these religions eroded.
Due to these changes (amongst many others) I believe that many people born
and raised in the west questioned even the creed of their religion and started
looking else where to find guidance. I know that this is true for me because
didn't know anything about Islam or if Muslims even existed in my small
conservative city when I started looking for Islam. In my opinion if Muslim
decided to modernize our religion it would become a westernized shell devoid
substance too.

Chapter 5 Summary

The author admits that Islam does not have a problem with science, but
attributes many deficiencies that one sees in many Muslim countries as being
due to people's Islamic beliefs. Much of what he stated may be true. However
he failed to mention some of the principle reasons for the lack of
modernization that were directly related to many Muslim countries not being
able to modernize, such as corrupt leaders (mismanaging money), economics
(the materials had to come from a certain western contractor or place
instead of using the natural resources available in these countries) coupled
with artificially high prices demanded by the west to provide their services
and the resistance of the west to share certain knowledge with what they
considered third world countries. I am not saying that the west did nothing to
help the Muslim i.e., medication, some important sharing educational knowledge
and so forth, I'm just mentioning some of the reason that many Muslim
failed to keep up.

The author language advocates that once the Islamic barriers are removed,
the Muslim world will be free to forge ahead in the progressive future of the
west. Many Muslims believe this but I question if this is true by looking at
some events in recent Muslim countries history.

Example: The Iranian people rebelled against the American backed ruler
1979. What most American remember was not the people of that country
the rights to choose their own government, but the hostages situation. (I am
not condoning their actions, but many people may have feared raising up
the shah and these actions occurred because they feared the support America
might give him.) Due to these actions many of their holding (finical assets)
have been held and at one time the embargoes placed against them challenged
their sovernity to even exist and arms were provided to Iraq to impede their

Example: Algeria, a Muslim majority county attempting to self govern
an Islamic government. Immediately it was determined if the country became an
Islamic government they would cause harm to the west. Once the Muslims were
elected France provided arms and military advisors to make sure that none of
these elected officials ever received their office. The majority of them were
jailed, killed, or went into exile. Currently this country which had great
promise has been economically destroyed and their desire never realized.

Once again a my final opinion. If Muslims believe that changing our
religious orientation will result in the Muslim world being viewed as equals
the west, they had better look at their standing in the World Bank. Although
the United States are probably the largest debtor they are in the position of
also being able to destroying the world bank by declaring bankruptcy and
refusing to pay. However, Muslim countries do not have the military or
political power of this country and by being so deeply in debt to the world
bank, many of them have sold out future of many generations within their
country being ability to recover, and their natural resources will continue to
be stolen from them by means of token payments.

Although no one may agree with me, I have at least made an attempt of why
I disagree with "Islam the Straight Path", being recommended as a tool to
about Islam.

Thank You,
Sister Iman (to those appropriate)

So base on d above i can say dat Esposito is wth d IFC wch is out to destroy Islam wth a modernized Islam moulded according to d neocons way, in other word d Illuminatis way of New World Order..Esposito himself acknowledge two Asian leaders dat is supporting d IFC is Gus Duri & bro AnWar..

And d one below is frm Jentayu's blogsite wch I highly recomment to link in ur blogroll, heheh..he's gud at wat he more later aftr reading his post below...(,")


1. AIRMATA mengalir melihat mantan Presiden Indonesia GUS DUR berucap memberi sokongan kepada Program Penuaian Jiwa ( Pemurtadan ) Besar-Besaran di Indonesia.

2. Malangnya di Malaysia, Anwar sudah beberapa kali menjemput GUS DUR ini untuk membantunya. Persoalannya, GUS DUR datang nak bantu Anwar ke nak Sebarkan Fahaman Yahudi+Freemason? Sebagaimana diketahui Gus Dur adalah penyokong kuat YahudiAmerika di Indonesia. Apakah Anwar juga menyokong Program Murtad di Malaysia ? Mungkin benar kata-kata Faisal Tehrani dan Mohd. Sabu bahawa hubungan Anwar dengan barat yang meragukan dan YahudiAmerika itu sangat bahaya kepada negara kita.

3. Yahudi Amerika sangat berjaya merosakkan negara Islam Indonesia , terutama setelah Amerika menghantar Paul Wolfowitz sebagai Duta Indonesia.

4. Sekarang Dr. Claire Selgin ( Janda Wolfowitz ) sedang berdakwah di sana atas identiti sebagai seorang pengkritik filem., sebaliknya dia dibayar secara Payroll oleh NED ( NGOs Yahudi ).

5. Di Malaysia,P. Wolfowitz dan teman2 Anwar semasa di John Hopkins University dan Georgetown University yang memainkan peranan sebagai Think-Thank YahudiAmerika di White House, kini cuba merosakkan perpaduan berbilang kaum di Malaysia, mengecilkan kekuatan umat Islam , dan menghancurkan Ketuanan Melayu (Raja-Raja )melalui dasar2 DAP+PKR+Husam/Kamarudin MN(PAS). Mereka berusaha menukar negara ini kepada Republik Malaysia sebagaimana Republik of America, Republik Indonesia dan Republik Filipina. Itulah cita2 Anwar ( menjadi Presiden Republik of Malaysia ).

6. GUS DUR di Indonesia + Anwar Ibrahim di Malaysia = kedua-duanya penyokong kuat YahudiAmerika dan Gerakan Freemason Asia Tengara. Jika GUS DUR menyokong kuat Gerakan Pemurtadan di Indonesia (2005-2020) apakah pula makna Anwar Ibrahim menyokong IFC,FFF,NED, BAR Council,IIIT,Islamica Megazine Anwar Penasihat Kehormat), International Crisis Group( ICG-Anwar AJK Kehoarmat ), AccountAbility(Anwar Presiden), National Democratic Institute yg dipengerusikan seorg Yahudi iaitu Madeline AlBright, International Republican Institute (IRI), dll.Semuanya NGO Yahudi!

7. Tun Mahathir menentang Yahudi & Zionist. Anwar Ibrahim Menyokong Yahudi & Zionist. Akhbar Israel menuduh Tun Mahathir Jahat, Akhbar Israel Memuji Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar Ibrahim tidak pernah berterus-terang apakah makna di sebalik persahabatannya dengan kaum2 YahudiAmerika ini.

* Video GUS DUR (sahabat Anwar Ibrahim ) Menghina Agama Islam di hadapan Perhimpunan Kristian akan disiarkan sebentar lagi.

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