Make Love Not War

Make Love Not War
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Wat Else Can I Say,..

Wat Else Can I Say,..
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AnWar Bro, Pls Stop All Dis Nonsensical Antic Of Yours..Dis Is D Possibility Dat Will Happen..

Are U Serious??

You funking bet I am,..heheh..wat can I say, my not so clever mind i've been tinking wat is d worst situation possible for d Govt to act..mind u I dun meant PLah but d real Caretaker of Malaysia,..i.e. d strongest protector of d country against enemies..well taa daa..d armies have voiced out so u guys gotta be careful or if u funking ooopposition(opposition) parties tink u can rule Malaysia thru d undemocratic way den dis is wat i have to say,
If jd gak den its an attempted coup d'etat so cud d military intervene and claim coup d'etat to protect d King & later release d power back to UMNO but dis time thru a different leader choosen by Agung & dat leader is YM Ku Li n Mahyuddin,..end story..i meant dats d backup plan at d last resort as for sure rakyat memberontak sal dis is an immoral act by bro AnWar to seize power thru party hopping.. heheh..wat can I say..d possiblities are alwiz thr in politics..a lil twist here n a lil spin thr but wth d army it'll b straight to d point,..heheh..wat else can I say bros..(,") funking cool..:)

Wat an ending it'll be.. PLah will really create history & remembered as d PM dat wozn d PM as he dusn noe a heck on wats gonna happen at dis stage wat more wth d attitude of self denial.. damn d politics in Malaysia for all its worth as d victim is d Rakyat be it Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Sakai, Jakun & othr minority ethnic in Malaysia as d economy will takes its toll if we dun get d MORONIC PLAH OUT OF OFFICE & replace wth YM Ku Li to reform not just UMNO but BN(govt) in general..insyaallah..waallahualam...n for bro AnWar, Keep On Dreaming as ur deception has come bac to haunt you due to ur impatience & arrogant.. funk off...zionis n illuminati's advocate.. bro AnWar ur as gud as dead in ur political career..badaboom, baaddaabam, baaddaaabin, dust bin...heheh..wat else can I i'm cool knowing bro AnWar will never be d PM by hook or by crook.. period.. (,")... am i serious,..?? u bet i am cept it mite jst b a wishful tinking at d worst situation..whtr wat I say is possible or not its upto indvidual as whr thr is a will thr is a way..we agree to quote:-
My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right. ~ Ashleigh Brilliant.

till den...


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

916 or 911 revisited for bro AnWar..

Is 916 really significant or its being blown up jst to shake d foundation of BN's gess is 911 is more significant to bro AnWar as dat will b d date bro AnWar mite collapse jst like d WTC in Sept 11..No..why not since Sept 10 bro AnWar will b having a date wth d Court..heheh..i wud say by Sept. 10 news will b out on whtr bro AnWar will b in big shit trying to explain to his supporters or he will sing d 'Jailhouse Rock' heheh.. funny how politics can change a human wth principle to a man wth no principle like both bro AnWar & our idiotic moron PM.. bro AnWar is burning hot inside due to d facts dat he became arrogant n declared openly to topple d current govt lead by d sleeping moron n wat happen woz d othr way around.. I gess wat bro AnWar dreaded most is happening dat is d return of C.H.E.Det..and to support YM Ku Li at dat..wats bro AnWar gonna do is he gonna counter d rise of d near forgoten Prince of Thief or d Robin Hood of Malaysia as my fren had said.. well watever it is I really tink n believe Ku Li is d best choice available bside our young turks.. I hope Dato Mukhriz wud b next in line after 10yrs or earlier..

Dat being said I salute d conspirator dat orchestrated d whole deal i.e. wait till d MP's go out frm d country to divert d scecnario & badabing badabong Tun M is making a comeback to help Ku Li wth only d old MP's aroun..jst imagine Rafidah voicing out bout d quota must go aftr hearing d pact between Tun Dr.Daddy M, YM Ku Li & TS Muhyiddin( i heard d Tengku Mizan woz also thr).. hmm wat next is a matter of Time Will Tell n d coundown to 916 might jst stop at 911..kaput bro AnWar & PLah & deir ilks.. to bro AnWar gud luck in ur dream as u needed it d most at d moment n I gess its fated for d PM chair to elude u...heheh..wat can I say to our local Rasputin cept Wat Next Bro AnWar..wth d Devil in chain dis Ramadhan Al-Mubarok jst imagine d situation for his Advocate namely bro AnWar & PLah
,.. (God forgive me for I have sinned)..wat can I say..heheh..(,") 911 revisited at a different country but its not d collapsed of a building like d WTC but mite b d collapse of PKR & PR in general,..insyaallah..waallahualam.. :) my new trademark in posting comment on bloggers site will now officially be " SAY NO TO NWO!! SAY BYE TO AnWaR & PLah!! SAY WELCOME TO FUTURE PM TGK RAZALEIGH aka Ku Li!! "..wth dat being said i'm glad i've got sumting to post today,..heheh..wat else can I say..(,")

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Akramsyah Says.. Tun Dr.M Is Rejoining UMNO To Support YM Ku Li For President.

I shed tears of happiness & relief upon reading bro Akramsyah's article and as usual I republished wthout asking for permission,..heheh..wat can I say... d pics here r not mine but wat can u make of it as a pictures tells a thousand words,..heheh.. imagine d looks of Bro AnWar if Tun M returns to UMNO's fold & help support YM Ku Li as President & TS Mahyuddin Yassin as Dep. President.. well dat being said, have u seen a POKKA/CHAMELEON runs??..well close ur eyes & imagine seeing a Pokka run but try being more imaginative & imagine how bro AnWar wud run(God forgive me as I have sinned)..heheh..wat can I say..(",) read d articles & speculate watever u want to speculate but in d end Truth shall prevail even tho d truth hurts..for now LET THE GAME BEGINS..heheh..wat can I say..(,")

Tun Dr M Akan Menyertai Semula UMNO Untuk Menyokong Usaha KuLi Merebut Jawatan Presiden UMNO

Ingin saya memberi pengesahan di sini bahawa khabar angin yang kini tersebar melalui sms yang Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad akan menyertai kembali UMNO tidak lama lagi untuk menyokong usaha KuLi merebut jawatan Presiden UMNO Disember ini adalah berita yang sahih.

Untuk memastikan kesahihan berita ini, silalah sujuk kepada dua orang bekas Setiausaha Agong UMNO, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid dan Tan Sri Sabaruddin Chik. Niat kembalinya semula Tun Dr M ke UMNO ikhlas, untuk menyelamatkan negara dari ancaman kelembapan berterusan kepimpinan Pak Lah.

Soalnya sekarang, adakah kepimpinan UMNO akan dengan ikhlas menerima kembalinya Tun Dr M? Atau adakah pelbagai halangan dan 'spin' baru yang akan menjelma? Walau dalam bulan Ramadhan Mubarak? Kita saksikanlah nanti...

Kemaskini 1...

Desas-desus menyatakan yang Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin terlibat dalam usaha mengembalikan Tun Dr M ke pangkuan UMNO. Sekiranya benar, sudah tentu ia akan memperkuatkan kedudukan TS Muhyiddin untuk merebut apa-apa jawatan sekalipun dalam pemilihan UMNO kelak.

Menarik juga maklum-balas sms yang menyatakan pertandingan Presiden UMNO pada Disember ini mungkin sekali antara KuLi dan Najib. Bicara kegentingan UMNO selesai PRK Permatang Pauh tempohari, disusuli tindakan kepimpinan Bahagian-Bahagian UMNO Pulau Pinang mempertahankan kedudukan Dato' Ahmad Ismail dengan sinis membisik penolakan kepimpinan Pak Lah.

Persoalan kedua, mampukah 'hujan kain pelekat' yang pasti akan datang menyelamatkan Pak Lah sekarang?

May Allah shows us d rite way...