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Make Love Not War
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Wat Else Can I Say,..
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Black Eyed King Conspirator is bac...

"Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction."
~Albert Einstein

Dis is cool, heheh..wat can I Apanama's piece of mind bout bro AnWar n read what my comments' are at d end of posting, heheh..wat can I say..(,")


Conspiracy of the BackRoomBoys !

Back in 1998 he claimed, yelled and screamed that the SODOMY charges against him were the result of a high-level POLITICAL CONSPIRACY.

He blamed almost everybody for his sudden fall from grace.

Tun Dr.Mahathir’s former political secretary Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Samsudin was high on his hit-list as the ‘chief conspirator’.

Others he accused of plotting his humiliating downfall included Tun Daim Zainuddin, the then IGP Tan Sri Rahim Noor and all the men in blue (or a majority of them), all the witnesses who appeared during his trial, doctors, prosecutors and judges.

The LIST was too long but he specifically trained his gun on Aziz Samsudin because he knew from day one of him stepping into the Prime Minister’s Department that the veteran politician could not be deceived.

Aziz Samsudin cultivated and enjoyed a good network of ‘grass root’ intelligence and he was also one of the MOST trusted aides of the BOSS.

Tun Hanif Omar, the former IGP, is another person who knew the monster’s backroom tendencies almost a decade before sodomy-victim Azizan lodged the police report.

Similar to thousands of Malaysians and foreigners who didn’t and still do not believe that their admired leader could actually engage in homosexual activities, Dr Mahathir too didn’t take it seriously when Tun Hanif passed him a dossier about the ‘back-room invasions’.

But when fresh evidence surfaced as a result of a conspiracy to prevent a HOMOSEXUAL from taking control of the respected nation at that time, police dusted the old files while investigating the fresh ‘invasion’ reports.

That was 10 long years ago when the entire nation witnessed the TRUE SELF of a politician who transformed into a dangerous MONSTER the moment he was REMOVED from the seat which gave him POWER.

A monster that didn’t give a damn what happened to the entire nation and its people, as long as he achieved what he had carefully planned for many years.

The game he played in 1998 and the one he is playing now has many similarities, particularly the many ‘out of this world’ conspiracy theories.

Casting doubts against those pursuing him is one of the ancient tactics which still seems to working well.


The similarity doesn’t stop there. If you notice carefully, Sukma Darmawan (remember the soft spoken adopted brother who used to share his room) and Saiful (who claims to be the latest invasion victim) have similarities when they walk and talk. – I let you be the judge but I wonder why the monster is often associated with such ‘niceeeee’ guys?

While the hundreds of wire agencies, foreign publications and blogs which idolise him often repeat the fact that the courts have overturned sodomy charges against him, they conveniently omit the Bigger and more pertinent Fact that their idol had indeed engaged in Homosexual Activities.

Simply put, it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that he had buggered another man’s anus but the judges had to overturn the conviction due to technical inconsistencies.

The judges were convinced about this when they read their judgment but many legal eagles that surround the monster like hungry vultures, the many more learned foreign journalists and most significantly his beloved wife … are playing dumb.

I wonder why? Power can’t be that addictive, could it?

Even new media like is trapped in Anwar's quicksand that the newsportal operates like his propaganda outfit now.

For almost 30 years now, he has been singing and preaching the same magic tunes of democracy, transparency, human rights, freedom of speech. Without visible flaws, he appears to be fighting for a just cause.

It’s a pity that individuals, NGOs, journalists and politicians who don’t favor the Government or are genuinely championing the said causes have been trapped by his excellent oratory skills ands exceptional skills in the art of deception.

They are just following him like sacrificial lambs … waiting to be slaughtered. I’m sure former lambs like Nallakarupan and Ezam could shed more light on this.

I wonder about the thinking faculty of the thousands of our fellow Malaysians who still hero worship the fake guy, thinking he is their savior.

Someday in the near future those of you, who are fighting for Anwar Abrahim without really knowing the Evil in Him, would listen to your heart and repent. I pray for it to be sooner than later.

The United States of America and all their strategic allies know too well WHO and WHAT this fake guy is all about, and they won’t spill the beans just yet.

It’s in their best interest to throw all the support BEHIND this guy as they hold many of his dark secrets.

He also owes them a great deal. That would be re-paid when he becomes the King of Malaysia.

Anwar doesn’t really criticize Abdullah Ahmad Badawi even though a big majority of Malaysians think he is the root cause of all evil that surrounds us now. Even though the rakyat are practically SUFFERING under the lame-dick’s dictatorship.

His clear target is Mr&Mrs Najib.

Even at a press conference called to publicize that he had shown his ‘dick’ to one too many staff of HKL, he didn’t forget to spare a few barbs for Najib and Rosmah.

As the latest drama unfolds by the day, we can’t help but notice the glaring CONSPIRACY which Anwar has successfully hatched while licking his 10-year old wound.

Anwar is convinced that the ‘Passport Boy’ and the ‘Big Bike Minister’ are niceeeeee guys too. One used to hang on his front-gate trying to lure his daughter while another is the champion of the epic War of Cronyism and Nepotism.

Are they the leaders of his BackRoomBoys Brigade ?


Thursday, July 17, 2008

More On AnWar, the Sinner...Illuminatus Agent

More den meet d 'eye'.. i am posting an interesting article by Hard-T on DNA,...heheh..hope we b open to judge d info ourslf... err..hope u wudn mind bro Hard-T, heheh..wat can I say...(",)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

DNA: Dead men tell no tales,,,,,

......but their bodies do.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) profiling, mentioned several times in the PKR de facto Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim trial few years ago, is a method of identifying a person through the unique signature in his cells.
It has been widely accepted as being extremely accurate. DNA evidence relies on the unique pattern of an individual's DNA, the genetic material found in all living cells.
No two persons, except identical twins, share the same DNA profile. A person's DNA profile is consistent throughout the body, and remains the same from birth.
By comparing DNA segments in cells from blood or semen left at the scene of a crime with a sample taken from a suspect, scientists can determine if it came from that person.
Scientists can also determine the paternity of a child by comparing his or her profile with the mother's and father's.
Malaysia's Forensic DNA Analysis Laboratory was set up in 1994.
Previously, Malaysia had to send DNA samples to Singapore's Institute of Sciences and Forensic Medicine for analysis. DNA is a double helix formed by base pairs attached to a sugar-phosphate backbone.
Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor and de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim refused to undergo a DNA test on the grounds of having no confidence in the system and on the advice of his lawyers and local and overseas DNA experts.
Anwar told a press conference at his home today, that he believed fabrication of DNA evidence was possible because of the 1998 false allegation of sodomy and because his accuser (Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan) was still under police custody.
“I have my reasons, based on the advice of my lawyers and local and foreign DNA experts. My DNA sample is already with the police. Secondly, the accuser is in police custody. Anything can happen. Why the need for DNA from me?
“In the 1998-99 case, the blood sample was forcefully taken from HKL on the instruction of Musa Hasan, according to the testimony of Dr Zahari. There was an attempt to fabricate. When we exposed it, the charge was withdrawn,” he said.
On 8 September 1998 Anwar told a press conference that:
KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. - Sacked Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today spoke of the possibility of him being charged in court but said he did not believe the Government has a concrete case against him......
....On the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Rahim Noor's statement that he lied about DNA test, Anwar said his former private secretary Mohamed Azmin Ali and his wife and he (Anwar) and his wife had agreed to undergo the test, should the test conducted on Azmin and his wife proved inconclusive.
"The test by Azmin and wife proved that they were the biological parents of the child and even the IGP had said it.
"Since it had been proven, why should I have to undergo the test, I think the IGP should stick to his duty," said Anwar.
KL High Court
Date 17 December 1998
KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. - A blood sample from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim whichwas sent for analysis in connection with a semen-stained mattress hadadditives mixed into it and would not yield any results, the High Courtheard today......
Anwar counsel Christopher Fernando: I thank Datuk Gani for having extended the DNA report to us onthe paternity of Afifah. I am going to produce it now. (marked as IDD71)
(The report was the result of DNA tests on blood samples of Anwar's former private secretary Mohamed Azmin Ali, his wife Shamsidar Taharin and their daughter Afifah.
(It was to determine the paternity of Afifah, as Azmin's sister Ummi Hafilda Ali had expressed suspicion that Afifah was Anwar's child.)
Fernando read out portions of the report. The blood samples tested were marked A for child, B for mother and C for the alleged father. The report said the ABO results showed that C cannot be excluded as the biological father of A.
It also said the fourth test done showed a 99.9693 per cent probability of paternity based on the
Malaysian database. It also said the combined probability on 19 genetic loci was 99.9999 per cent.
It said there was therefore no doubt that C is the biological father of A.

Questioned by Fernando, Musa said C was the sample taken from Azmin.
KL High Court
Date : 31 December 1998
KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. - DNA tests on a semen-stained mattress seized from an apartment showed that the fluids had come from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Shamsidar Taharin, the High Court heard today.
Anwar's DNA matched the DNA obtained from 12 out of the 13 stains while Shamsidar's DNA matched that from three stains. Besides Anwar and Shamsidar, DNA from an unidentified man and two women were also found.
Several stains were mixed ones which meant they were the result of sexual activities like sexual
intercourse, said chemist Lim Kong Boon from the Chemistry Department who conducted the DNA tests.

Of the seven mixed stains, two contained DNA from Anwar and Shamsidar. Two mixed stains had DNA from three persons - one stain containing DNA from Anwar, Shamsidar and an unidentified man, and the other had DNA from Anwar, an unidentified man and woman.
The mattress was found in a Tivoli Villa apartment where Anwar allegedly brought Shamsidar for sex.
Shamsidar is the wife of his then private secretary Mohamed Azmin Ali.
Date : 31 December 1998
KUALA LUMPUR, Wed. - Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim today applied for time to get the services of a DNA expert/s to assist his counsel in the cross-examination of a chemist who did a DNA test on his blood.
The notice of motion was filed by the legal firm of S.N. Nair and Partners at the High Court registry this afternoon.....
In his affidavit supporting the application, Anwar said his counsel had applied for the prosecution to defer the calling of the witness on DNA profiling for the following reasons:
* the evidence on the DNA profile was crucial to the prosecution and the defence and it would only be proper that the defence be given time to get its expert to advise counsel on the cross-examination;
* for that reason it was necessary for the expert to be in court to listen to the evidence to enable him to advise counsel;
* the DNA report was only given to the defence on Dec 22; and,
* attempts to contact several DNA profiling experts had been unsuccessful since they were on leave and would only be back at work after Jan 4, next year.

Why afraid to give your DNA sample if you believe in GOD....
p/s Its not uncommon to be confused when it comes to sexual orientation. Although I have heard someone's belief that having sex with someone of the same gender is exploring your similaraties; not sure how accurate it is but anyhoo

Well i dun tink bro Hard-T wud mind coz i reposted d whole page to credit him here,..heheh,,wat can I say..(",)

Conclusion:- my verdict is bro AnWar is a lets concentrate on getting PLah out.. all d bruhaha debate for nuting n dis moron is still playing mind games n winning at dat, duh..heheh..wat can I say..luckily i believe d majority rakyat will b happy to see bro AnWar bhind bars,..God forgive me for such a wish but he is Bad News...till den...(,")

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sumting not rite sumwhr..

Hrmm..why do i get d feeling dat sumting dusn seems rite wth d whole scenario happening here.. D way I see it sum1 is trying to screw up our country real big dat it will definately make us bow for foreign help?? God help i hope i'm wrong..heheh..wat can I say.. my twin say's thr is a possibility by d look of wat's happening rite now..duh..cud it b dat bro AnWar set dis up all d while using his agent in d BN.. cud it b d collaboration of KJ..cud bro AnWar end up being a victim of his own mind games n plot..??
Or is it d work of dat blue eyed boy wonder who uses bro AnWar to his benefit..biting d hands dat feed..?? I do have a few theories as d situation dus not warrant for d police to arrest bro AnWar by sending UTK unless it is an indirect publicity for bro AnWar to make him more popular aftr d debate whch had won d hart of many ppl who dusn noe bout econs.. all dey say is "AnWar is prihatin 2wards d rakyat, he cares for d rakyat" duh...dats wat I heard..he got 10/10 wen he says he is not blaming Petronas n dat Petronas had help in d dev of d country.. of coz most rakyat accept dat wthout Petronas we will be at worst.. see how a seasoned politician play & twist d facts thru words..but I must admit bro AnWar is on d winning side even b4 d debate as he is talking bout d drastic hike of 75 cents..he did mention dat its possible to lower by 50 cent so dat leave d hike up price as 25 cent..about d figure hike up during Tun M's tenure as PM..he talks logic n Shabily makes a mistake of bringing up d past antic of bro AnWar wen he woz in office..what's d point n dat is indirectly attacking b ro AnWar's character..d whole debate woz a mistake for d govt who is already on d wrong...Look at d logic, u make a mistake and u noe ur wrong but due to pride u say ur rite n u accept to debate on why ur rite knowing well d othr party cud proof ur wrong..wat an a*****e.. A moron for PM & silly dilly proud Ministers.. I cant stand d look of bro Shabery wenever he spoke..err..for future public speakers make sure u wipe d corner of ur mouth every now & den..every 5mins wud b gud,.. heheh..wat can I say..i'm too embarass to comment on d debate,,of coz bro AnWar won in d eyes of d rakyat...tink for urself..dus d rakyat believe d govt under SamDollah d Moron?? most surfers of dis web world of information can decide for demself wth d info dey read... Kickdafella's theory is logic but i wun b too sure as I do not noe how d Govt see to it.. if no1 in d govt can defute d claim by bro Kickky den I believe he has a point..(as to date I believe he has sumting on it)

If bro AnWar really bugered his PA den it cud b history for bro AnWar if d police got his DNA.. but if he did not do it(wch i doubt) den he cud be d next PM..& Malaysia will b anothr Singapore (undr US). Wat I'm worried about is d whisperers says dat bro Saiful woz sodomized and now d govt is trying to shoot down bro Saiful's allegation..hrmm..if dat happens den I'm sure my theory is rite all along n dat PLah/Kamal/Kj/AnWar is working 2gether for d illuminatis/neocons namely d 'Bankers'.. Pray to God i'm wrong & only bro AnWar is involved wth d illuminatis/neocons.. Jst i'll try to comment more aftr observing d coming scenario...TIME WILL TELL...wat can I say..(,")

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oopss..I did it again..heheh..

Heheh..wat can I say,..Tun Dr.Daddy M, ur still d greatest n jst to share sumting i read frm a fellow commentator in Che Det's blog..exerpt below, read it & give it a big tot, heheh..wat can I say, we agree to disagree..(,")

Salam Tun dan semua,
Pemikiran merupakan sesuatu yang tidak statik. ianya berubah-ubah menurut keperluan dan tujuan. Pemikiran yang memiliki tujuan adalah cita-cita dan impian.

Ada manusia yang tidak dapat berfikir, maka dia akan mengikut sahaja landasan yang telah sedia ada dan kadangkala terdedah dengan serangan eksplotasi.

Seorang yang bercita-cita akan mengatur arah cita-citanya samada mengambil kesempatan daripada keadaan yang sedia ada ataupun mengambil pendekatan songsang demi melancarkan arah atau juga melindungi arah matlamat.

Ramai orang yang tergolong dalam orang yang bercita-cita. Bagaikan ada satu desakkan dalam jiwanya untuk merangka dan mencapai sesuatu.

Ramai juga orang yang sekadar mengikut kebiasaan sahaja. Penilaian tentang sesuatu perkara itu bergantung kepada rujukkan yang sedia ada atau jalan yng telah disediakan oleh orang lain dan telah jadi budaya.

Dalam kes ini saya mengenali TUN sebagai orang yang bercita-cita manakala kebanyakkan saingan maupun lawannya adalah orang yang mengikut kebiasaan sahaja.

Seorang yang belajar ekonomi telah meletakkan dirinya dalam formalisme ekonomi dunia. Apabila dia menjadi pakar dalam ekonomi dia akan digunapakai oleh politik untuk sesuatu tujuan.
Maka formalisme ekonomi dunia dianggap sesuatu yang benar dan tiada yang tidak benar melainkan benar belaka.
Tetapi mangsa kepada formalisme itu dianggap tidak berupaya melalui arus benar ini dan akan dibantu untuk sama-sama melaluinya.
Maka wujudlah penjajahan bentuk baru oleh negara dominan kepada negara lemah.
Akan wujud pihak yang memperjuangkan nasib dan menentang arus. Pihak ini akan dianggap outsider dan tidak bertamadun.

Di sinilah duduk letak TUN. Beliau sentiasa memperjuangkan hak-hak untuk bebas membuat keputusan sendiri dan menentang tembok sempadan ekonomi yang digarap oleh barat.

Perjuangan perlu ada matlamat dan arah. Manifesto perlu disiarkan dalam mencari pengaruh dan memberitahu yang lain tujuan dan matlamat.

Perjuangan TUN satu peperangan minda dengan barat. Beliau mampu menyerang barat dan mengucar-kacirkan pertahanan barat melalui kata-kata dan logika. Akibatnya TUN mendapat sokongan daripada negara-negara membangun yang menanti-nantikan peluang untuk bebas dan revolusi ekonomi dunia.

Kerana itu di era TUN kita dengar berbagai persidangan dan diskusi ekonomi melibatkan golongan haluan kiri formalisme ekonomi dunia.

Pastinya beliau dicemuh dan diserang balas kerana tindakkannya itu telah menjadi batu penghalang kepada matlamat dominasi abadi barat kepada dunia.

Kekuatan TUN terletak kepada sokongan dari dalam dan sokongan itu diperolehi bila dia dapat memberi service yang baik kepada rakyat.
Namun setiap perkara itu mesti ada pro dan kontranya. Maka golongan yang kurang selesa pastinya golongan yang selesa mengikut mainstream sahaja.
Maka itulah sepanjang 22 tahun wujud berbagai peringkat penentangan pada dasar MAHATHIRISME.
Oleh kerana service yang bagus dan konsisten lawan-lawan tadi akhirnya mengakui dan ramai yang akhirnya akur untuk kembali kepada arus songsang MAHATHIRISME.

Menyalahkan TUN dan eranya sebagai punca kepada keadaan yang berlaku sekarang bukanlah kefahaman sebenar tentang siapa TUN.

Kesalahan itu terletak kepada kelemahan pemikiran ORANG MELAYU yang menjadi dominan di negara ini.

Orang melayu baik yang fanatik menyokong maupun yang agresif menentang termasuklah pemimpin-pemimpin politik yang pro ataupun kontra KEBANYAKKANNYA tidak memiliki kualiti pemikiran.

Mengikut formalisme dunia tanpa dapat menyumbang pemikiran baru dan sekadar menjadi mangsa diskriminasi barat.

Ataupun menentang formalisme dunia tanpa dapat mencetuskan pemikiran baru yang logik dan menentang membabi-buta.

Inilah jawapan kepada kata-kata TUN "Saya gagal merubah orang Melayu" dalam ucapan akhirnya di Perhimpunan Agung UMNO sebelum beliau mengumumkan persaraannya.

Penganti beliau AAB merupakan titik lemah kepada MAHATRISME. Dari hari ke sehari barat memulakan kempen menyerang struktor MAHATHIRISME dari dalam dan melalui segala sumber yang ada. Barat yang mempunyai pengalaman luas dan sejarah penjajahan yang panjang tidak sukar untuk menembusi tembok itu.

Maka pengaruh TUN dapat diketepikan dan AAB mula menjadi proksi barat untuk menarik semula Malaysia dalam arus Formalisme olahan barat.

Akhirnya dasar TUN yang selama ini menjadi benteng kekuatan dan altenatif negara-negara membangun lainnya untuk menidakkan atau sekurang-kurangnya melambatkan proses globalisasi telah runtuh dengan cepat. Malaysia tidak lagi menjadi contoh kepada dunia ketiga.

AAB sepatutnya meneruskan dan mendokong dasar yang telah sedia ada sekiranya dia TIDAK MAMPU DAN TIDAK LANGSUNG LAYAK mewujudkan pemikiran dan dasar baru.

Apabila beliau cuba menyaingi ataupun 'membetulkan' apa yang dipanggil 'dosa-dosa TUN kepada dasar barat' maka beliau telah menghancurkan tembok pertahanan ideologi dan ekonomi negara.

Yang menjadi persoalannya adakah kerana AAB menggunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk menyaingi karisma TUN atau sebenarnya beliau tidak faham apa yang berlaku!

Amat malanglah Malaysia sekiranya sebab yang kedua itu adalah satu kebenaran (tak faham apa yang berlaku)

Tidak hairanlah dia bukan saja gagal menyaingi lawan politiknya saat ini(Anwar) malah telah jadi proksi kepada perakus-perakus di sekelilingnya.

Adalah kesilapan besar bagi AAB sekiranya dia rasa dia mampu menyaingi karisma TUN kerana ianya seperti langit dan bumi.

AAB hanya barisan pemimpin biasa yang mengisi sejarah tetapi TUN memiliki klas tersendiri. Namanya tersenarai antara pemimpin dan pemikir sepanjang abad.

Sepanjang 100 tahun sejarah Tanah Melayu ini hanya ada 2 orang yang sehebat itu. Mereka adalah TUN DR. MAHATHIR dan DATO' ONN JAAFAR(Baca biografi Onn Jaafar)

Saya seorang yang bersetuju dengan TUN kerana saya memahami siapa dia.

Saya bersetuju dengan dasarnya kerana sebagai orang biasa saya sendiri akan melakukan sepertinya sekiranya saya ditakdirkan memimpin negara kerana saya punya pemikiran yang selari dengannya.

Saya juga bersetuju dengannya kerana saya membesar sepanjang era pemerintahannya daripada seorang budak hingga menjadi ketua keluarga saya mendapat servis yang baik daripadanya, memiliki peluang ekonomi yang baik dan punya harga diri sebagai bangsa Melayu malahan saya PERCAYA dasarnya adalah yang terbaik untuk generasi saya akan datang.

Bagi yang tidak bersetuju dengan TUN itu adalah hak peribadi mereka.

Yang penting setuju atau tidak setuju mestilah berasaskan intelektual melalui kemampuan memproses sendiri sebab dan musababnya.

Jika tidak anda hanya bertaraf bidak-bidak politik.

So well elaborated opinion bout Tun's " I did it my way", heheh..dis guy is seeing Tun's way thru his own eye on Tun's vision n contribution to d world in general & Islam in particular..Tun Dr.M...the 'ONE'.. a great world class leader in league of Nelson Mandela, Yasser Arafat, Fidel Castro, JF Kennedy, Lee Kuan Yew, Ahmadinenijad, Suharto, Sultan of Brunei, Aquino, i still tink among all d leaders Tun Dr.M is still d best bside d Prophet Muhamad S.A.W. He is really unique... How he gave speech wthout reading text(photographic memory n speed reader) dats wat make him among d best of d best,..heheh..wat can I say..jst read thru Tun Dr.M's blog & I'm sure if ur a rational person if not wise enuff to noe dat Tun is human & to err is human den u'd see wat kinda prson he is..but b careful as his blog is addictive..dun say ur not warn!! heheheh..he is one very(d**n) gud blogger/writer,..apo nak dikato,..dats our Tun Dr.M a Malay of World Legend..a class of his own..(,")