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Make Love Not War
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Wat Else Can I Say,..
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Read Dis n Help Us Keep Malaysian Politics To Ourselve..

Wat else cud dis Devil's Advocate b tinking up next,..heheh..well frenkly speaking I alwiz fear dis man bro AnWar, he who is also known as d Master Of Decption & a true blue supporter of D Illuminati's New World Order will change d world wth a One Leader, One Rule and One World,..heheh,..wat can I say,..b afraid of dis NWO as we will b restricted & control in d near future,..
believe me as its(illuminatis) now in our own country,..i'm not trying to instill any fear as all I'm saying here is all my own theory of d possibilities wch only using d logic of d mind can we put all dis misplaced situations & events surrounding our world today,..dun jst hope to read evrything u simply stumbled upon like in dis case coming ovr to read my piece of writing wch i sumtimes wonder myself wat d funking heck am I typing,..I jst read othr posting by bloggers on Malaysian politics n chat at mamaks for d juicy politiking ovr Dua Gelas Teh,..heheh... I jst wish we r all open minded & undrstan d phrase "We Agree To Disagree" so dat means sumtime we can't change a mindset of a prson,.. like me being a fanatic of Tun Dr.M,..heheh..wat evr ppl wanna say I'd say I dun give a a funkin' horse shot if my way of tinking alwizs tink of d possiblities of a certain words being said or d certain tings dat happened,.. well wat I'm saying is watevr we do we have our reason wch sumtime we hav a rite to keep it wthin a certain circles of ppl as to d nature of d words, stories or event,..jst imagine IF all d ppl r jst plain cool & takes tings easy n not lose ur temper( well its different wen u blog,..heheh..we can pretend we r GUD & we can pretend we r BAD, we can b anybody,.anonymousity on d nets is common n sumtimes mite jst b anybody,.. wat I type/write/copy & paste on dis blogs is frm my tots of fear/joy/happiness/sadness/craziness, heheh,..rite now I cud not ignore d surrounding political turmoil for d sake of my future generations,..heheh..hey..I got a 15yrs ol son, 20yrs ol son n a 23yrs ol doter who cud one day, sumwhr in dat no whr say, " Pa, I wanna get hitch up, Is it ok?? and I'll be like "huh! hitch up? wat a word,..u wanna get married u meant, okies dokies so who's d unlucky bloke",..heheh..wat else can I say,.. but hopefully she wun b asking me in dat way, carried away off d topics,..sory..heheh..we agree to disagree tho, rite,..hope we read wth open mind on JMD's article,..he's like Tun in his own tots tho but I consider n rate him as one of d best rational blogger on d local political scenario..he's mind to me is second to Tun on d blogsphere my bro JMD, evn I'm older den u but ur my man Kid 'W',..heheh,..wat else can I say..(,") I'd b ur true blue supporter if ur into politics n wanna b a leader, in othr words learn to perfection to carry urself as a leader, Tun arr..heheh..bila cakap cool n selamba ja,..expressionless face, susah nak detect betul2 dia pnya riak muka, bak kata org kampong saya' muka dia tuu (Tun Dr. M) susah betoi nak baca'..apo nak dikato,..heheh..(",)
p.s. dun forget to look at how Sinister bro AnWar's face looks like,..heheh.. how can we trust a prson wth dis looks,..i chill out bros/sis,..wat else can I say,..(,")

What if he was successful in becoming our PM back then?

21 09 2008

The Case of Malaysia
by Alexandra Perebikovsky

Technically, Malaysia gained its independence from the British Empire in 1957. Since then however, the British intention has been to continue using the nation as its very own playground for its free trade chaos and looting operations. In 1997 Lyndon LaRouche stated, “free trade, practiced against the nations of Southeast Asia, is simply a new form of colonialism, whose fruit is mass murder. In that sense, there is no difference, in effect on people, between free trade and Nazism.”

Up until the mid 90’s currency crisis, Malaysia was a staunch follower of globalization, albeit taking significant steps toward development in the years following their independence. Since the British deployment of George Soros into Southeast Asia to loot the currencies of these nations, Malaysia has changed its view. In the mid-1990’s, Lyndon LaRouche forecast that the so-called “Tigers” of Southeast Asia, after years of globalization, hot money flows, and destructive speculative activity would suffer the same fate as Mexico after 1995—utter collapse. Indeed, in the months leading up to July 1997, Soros worked tirelessly to carry out London’s currency warfare, with the intent to collapse the Southeast Asian economies. The Tiger economies had succumbed to the flood of hot money in the 1990’s, which created bubble economies based on inflated stock values and financial services. The government “guarantees” on foreign investments, imposed by the western speculators, ultimately bankrupted the Southeast Asian national economies.

Soros financed a large portion of this hot money. He began his attack on the Thai and Malaysian currencies in February of 1997 “with a zeal I haven’t seen since the successful assault on several European currencies around three years ago” according to one analyst. Through speculation in futures markets, Soros’ Quantum Fund leveraged $1.2 trillion. He took short positions against the Thai baht, the Philippine peso, the Indonesian rupiah, and the Malaysian ringgit, sending these currencies falling by 40-70%, collapsing stock markets, and wiping out currency reserves.

The breaking point was in July of 1997 when the Thai baht was forced to float, with greater than 20% devaluation, after the government had unsuccessfully spent over $15 billion trying to defend the currency. The IMF austerity conditions imposed on these nations following the collapse drove their economies back 15-20 years in their potential for development and their standard of living.

On September 20, 1997, Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohammed stood before the IMF and defiantly spoke out against the looting policies of the British Empire:

“We in Malaysia laughed at the suggestion that our country would follow the fate of Mexico.. . . But now we know better. We know why it was suggested that Malaysia would go the way of Mexico. We know now that even as Mexico’s economic crash was manipulated and made to crash, the economies of other developing countries, too, can be suddenly manipulated and forced to bow to the great fund managers who have now come to be the people to decide who should prosper and who shouldn’t.”

Prior to the attack on the Southeast Asian markets, Mahathir had been an outspoken follower of globalization. However, following the British Empire’s organized takedown of the Malaysian economy, the fantasy of “free trade” was broken. Reflecting the proposals of economist Lyndon LaRouche, Dr. Mahathir launched his own attack against speculator George Soros, calling him a “moron”.

EIR’s special report “The true story of Soros the Golem; A profile of mega speculator George Soros,” circulated widely in Malaysia’s leading circles. London, surprised by Mahathir’s sudden backlash, unleashed a string of slanders, including an article published in the Asian Wall Street Journal on September 19, 1997, titled: “Malaysia’s Mahathir Finds Strange Source for Soros Campaign; Asian Country’s Media Tap U.S. Conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche, Jr”.

In an attempt to destroy any influence or connection Malaysia had to LaRouche, London deployed Soros once more to clean up the mess. Soros was given a chance to defend himself against Prime Minister Mahathir’s accusations and attempted to deny the charges — he was not successful:

Ted Koppel: “You’re talking here about the Malaysian Prime Minister.”

George Soros: “That’s right.”

Ted Koppel: “And he, I mean his charge is that you, in effect, systematically set out to destroy Malaysia’s currency.”

George Soros: “And that is absolute nonsense. Now, you know, what more can I say? It’s just absolutely no foundation at all.”

Ted Koppel: “Because—I mean put it in easily understandable terms. I mean if you could have profited by destroying Malaysia’s currency, would you have shrunk from that?”

George Soros: “Not necessarily, because that would have been an unintended consequence of my action. And it’s not my job as a participant to calculate the consequences. This is what a market is. That’s the nature of a market. So I’m a participant in the market.”

Ted Koppel: “Apolitical, amoral?”

George Soros: “That’s exactly right.”

The Backlash

In September 1998, Dr. Mahathir shocked the world by declaring sovereign currency controls on the Malaysian ringgit, pegging their currency to a fixed exchange rate against the dollar, and thereby effectively ending the speculators ability to loot the country through currency speculation.

Soros, and the entire western financial oligarchy, went berserk, claiming that Dr. Mahathir’s actions against IMF orthodoxy would bring damnation down upon his country. In fact, as was later obvious to all, his defense of the nation’s sovereignty saved the population from the devastation suffered by every other nation that had been subjected to Soros’ butcher knife. Following Malaysia’s break with globalization, London launched an even nastier operation to create an internal crisis in Malaysia. Anwar Ibrahim was the deputy prime minister and chosen heir to Mahathir; he became the target to carry out the Empire’s brutal operation.

Anwar was later kicked out of his post as deputy prime minister because he “lacked the moral standards required” to lead the nation. Financed by Soros and his cronies through the Open Society Foundation, Anwar proceeded to launch a campaign to bring down the government of Malaysia. He portrayed himself as a freedom fighter and champion of free market society, denouncing the new government’s protectionist economic policies and accused them of carrying out a conspiracy to destroy him.

Meanwhile, Soros’ Human Rights and Open Society organizations played their part in labeling Mahathir as the “last of the old-line Asian authoritarians” and showed Anwar as the “reformer” trying to free the people of Malaysia. The western media, including the Wall Street Journal, continued to fuel the turmoil in Malaysia, saying:

“The sacking Wednesday night of Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim signaled the end of a battle for the soul of an important nation. . . . At home and abroad, Mr. Anwar had come to symbolize the democratic aspirations and open-mindedness of a new generation, more at ease in the world and less burdened with the pain of old sleights and frustrations than the man he was expected to succeed.”

Even Soros buddy, Al Gore, threw his weight behind the speculators. On November 13, 1998, President Clinton had been invited to speak at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, hosted by Malaysia. Due to the severity of the Iraq crisis, Clinton was forced to stay back and dispatched Al Gore in his place. The resulting catastrophe occurred on November 16 when Gore delivered a speech to the APEC business advisory council where he called for “short term” recovery by allowing “free markets to work their magic” and, though not naming him, endorsed Anwar Ibrahim over Mahathir to lead the nation.

Sprinkling salt in the wound, Gore echoed Anwar’s cries for a new government:

“People will accept sacrifice in a democracy, not only because they have had a role in choosing it, but because they rightly believe they are likely to benefit from it. . . . The message this year from Indonesia is unmistakable: People are willing to take responsibility for their future—if they have the power to determine that future. . . .

Democracy confers a stamp of legitimacy that reforms must have in order to be effective. And so, among nations suffering economic crises, we continue to hear calls for democracy and reform in many languages—’people’s power, ‘doi moi, ‘reformasi. We hear them today—right here, right now —among the brave people of Malaysia.”

With the Malaysian government incensed and the Malaysian people riled up, Gore promptly left the venue. A few days later, then foreign minister Abdullah Badawi, sent the US a heated letter of protest, warning that the United States would be held accountable for inciting instability.

Malaysia Today

The escapades of Soros, Gore, and other London cronies in Malaysia can only be seen in one light —the British Empire’s continued aims at destabilization in Southeast Asia. Today, Abdullah Badawi has taken over the post of prime minister and Anwar, with one hand permanently glued to Soros’ gluttonous money bags, is still running operations aimed at destabilizing the government, including his intended buy-off of parliamentarians in the opposition party, the United Malays Political Organization. The fate of Malaysia remains to be seen. However, in the context of the current global financial collapse, its future lies in the implementation of Lyndon H. LaRouche’s four powers agreement and in the destruction of the British Empire and its crony, George Soros.


JMD : I hope the title that I put for this post will summarise my opinion on the article above.

Thank you to Ikhwan for the link above. For further readings, please do not hesitate to click the links below:

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Wat more can I say cept pls feel free to read more of Jebat Must Die. articles on
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p.s. Bro JMD, keep on blogging till d keyboard melts,..heheh..wat else can I say..(,") .. lil do d ppl realise wen d US of A intervene in a country den its d NWO agenda,..dis funkers r all conspirators out to opressed d world population as d Bankers control d world thru d Bilderberg Groups n World Secret Society namely d Illuminatis.. oh yea, we evn have d Trilateral Commission's involvement wth ISIS openly wthout tinking of d possibility of foreign intel penetrating d security of ISIS thru Dato Jawhar Hassan wch also advise d govt on certain issue,.. how safe r our country's secret wth dis guys, i wonder who moitors dem?? well jst wondering tho n am not trying to insinuate anyting,.. duh..jst anothr tot frm a guy who tinks of possibilities wch does not mean anyting cept a way for us to tink,..heheh..wat can I say..ciao all..(,")

Thursday, September 18, 2008

PLah's Last bruhaha... Fall Frm Grace

Wat cud b a dream come true for most Malaysian frm all walks of life n race mite jst b aroun d corner in d form of a change in d Premiership,..heheh.. yes we mite be seeing d last of Plah soon & I hope d next leader (i wish its Ku Li) will get us out of dis economic n racial uncertainty n turn Malaysia back as d Tiger of Asia again,..hehehe..wat else can I say,..

As for Plah pls stop making urself a fool & quit wth wat evr face saving dignity left b4 u find urself humiliated or is dat wat u want in order to justify ur move to Perth, Australia,..heheh..wat else can I say,..bro POLITICA has d stories n I reposted it here,..dun forget to visit POLITICA's blog...

Friday, September 19, 2008


Mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi UMNO (18 September 2008) panas menggelegak. Abdullah Badawi didesak berhenti sebagai PM dan Presiden UMNO. Kalau engkar, Abdullah akan disingkirkan oleh perwakilan UMNO bahagian.

Abdullah pun terkejut monyet dan terpinga-pinga. Kali ini nampaknya, sorry. Kalau dia tak dengar kata MT UMNO tentu dia akan terbongkang. Sapa pun tak boleh bantah perminaan MT UMNO ni. Khairy tak boleh bantah. Kamaluddin tak boleh beta. Kalimullah tak boleh halang. Patrick Badawi pun tak boleh buat apa-apa.

Pokoknya, kalau Abdullah buat tak peduli, Abdullah akan dihina dan dimalukan oleh warga UMNO di peringkat bahagian. Mana nak sorok muka kalau ini terjadi?

Dengar kisahnya, semua ahli-ahli senior MT UMNO dok balun Abdullah cukup-cukup. Mereka kata, Abdullah kena bersara untuk selamatkan UMNO dan Malaysia.

Syabas pada Kak Fidah, Abang Din, Tajol, Idris Jusoh, Shafie Afdal dan lain-lainnya. Tak taulah kalau Azalina turut berkata-kata. Tak taulah kalau Hisammuddin turut berbicara. Yang pasti, panas. Merah telinga Abdullah dibuatnya!

Kalau gitu kisah MT UMNO kali ini, baguslah. Mintak-mintak Abdullah tak lagi main kong-kali-kong. Mintak-mintak Abdullah buat keputusan once and for all. Jangan tunggu-tunggu lagi. Berhentilah sebelum anda dipersarakan dengan terhormat dan segera!-

Wat next PLah..?? u tink n decide now, but better make it fast n pronto!!..wat else can I say,..heheh..(,")

Abdullah Badawi-ed By Majority...

So, thr really is a flickering lite at d end of d tunnel,.. dis upside down moron sure made a fool of himself even to his dying political moments.. I have never seen such arrogance n thick skin person who is a public figure in my life,.. its either he really said it or as usual sum spinning to save his thick face,.. jst wish he quits ASAP!! bro APANAMA has d story on d outcome of d MT meeting wch as usual i'm reposting it here n dun forget to read wat he says about d MUBARAK's call for him to step down,.. excerpts :-

"That same day, Mubarak -- the association of former Barisan Members of Parliament (MPs) and assemblymen -- had called on the Prime Minister to step down as soon as possible and no later than Dec 16 this year.

Abdullah dismissed this call from the veterans’ association, saying “It’s alright. Let them say whatever. They are pensioners after all"
... is dis a tyrant in d making if not contained immediately..?? i gess so n yes PLah shud be ousted wth immediate effect... I fear PLah more den bro AnWar at d moment as he is d real culprit behind all dis mess & wth him gone I'm confident d country will be able to move forward again amids sum difficulties due to d current world economic turmoil.. i jst hope Tun Dr.M & Ku Li will team up to help put Malaysia back on tracks..wth Tun Dr.M as d Advisor to d govt. and Ku Li doing d necessary we will b alrite bros/sis..heheh,..wat else can I say..(",)

Jst hope thr wun b anymore flip flopping by PLah & I will definitely celebrate d day wen Plah step down.. But as I alwiz believe Time Will Tell n truth will for PLah wen U step down dun worry YOU WILL BE GETTING THE BIGGEST STANDING OVATION IN DIS WHOLE WIDE WORLD OF WEBS & REALITY...dat much I can say..ppl will love u for stepping down n I can imagine ur grinning face welcoming d standing ovation wth no dignity left cept pretentious pride.. Oh by d way,..i jst hope u & ur family/frens will b investigated upon for all d misdeed and abuse of power if committed during ur tenure as d 5th PM of Malaysia,.. & not forgetting ur aped sil who shud also b gone frm d political scenario of Malaysia.. Have a nice life in Perth u power crazy clan..!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


The UMNO Supreme Council, with an overwhelming majority, has TOLD Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to relinquish his post as Umno president and Prime Minister.

Abdullah has been given the ultimatum to announce his RETIREMENT on or before October 9, 2008 when the Umno Divisional Meetings begin.

A senior Umno member who was present at the meeting said the most vocal among senior Supreme Council members was Wanita Chief and Kuala Kangsar Member of Parliament, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

The Supreme Council members, except for a few rookies, told Abdullah that he should announce his intention of NOT seeking re-election during the party polls in December or risk being HUMILIATED.

They explained that Abdullah would face the greatest humiliation if he fails to garner enough nominations to retain his position as president.

“They made it very clear to the President that a vast majority of grass-root Umno members and leaders, both at Branch and Division levels, want him OUT.

“We just hope that he understands the actual scenario now and leave gracefully,” the source said.

It appears that Umno Divisional leaders have already started to distance themselves from Abdullah.

At the Majlis Berbuka Puasa he hosted at Putra World Trade Centre, after the ‘historic Supreme Council meeting at the adjacent Menara Dato’ Onn, the turn-out was very poor.

Members of the media at the function were perplexed, but they were not surprised.

So am I.

p/s Let’s together wait for THE END of disaster, and a NEW BEGINNING for our beloved MALAYSIA.

Wat else can I say,..heheh..bye bye Plah u'll be remembered in history as d most idiotic moron of a Prime Minister wth d likes of George W.Bush Junior n Blair..!! YESSSSS!! ur on ur way out & i cant wait to jump for joy( of coz wthout d ceiling fan turn on,heheh) wen d announcement come " Dato Seri Abdullah Ahhmad Badawi-ed has stepped down as d Joker..err..I meant as d Prime Minister of Malaysia, and DSN is now d acting Prime Minister till d UMNO GE in Dec wch will have an open contest for d President & Dep. Prezie post"
Den I'll wait for d second gud news dat is " DS AnWar Ibrahim aka Bro AnWar woz found guilty of buggering his coffee dude n sentence to ...yrs in Sg.Buluh prison"... wen dat happened den I'll say bye bye to dis blog..wat can I say..heheh..(,")

p.s. bros/sis, till dis moron of PM is out of his office we remain in danger of security breach by foreign power due to d Military Intel being exposed to Kali/Brendan n KJ/Kamal's Singapore/Israel connection,..wat else can I say,..wat if it is breach wud not it b a national security threat n a disaster for us d rakyat of Malaysia...hopefully PLah wun screw dis one up..heheh..wat can I say again,..(,")...... ---<@

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dangerous Curve Ahead..!!! D Possibility Thru A Feared Mind..

Click on bro AnWar's F Finger, heheh,..wat else can I read wat JMD has to say on bro AnWar's mind jst hit his F Finger pic,..heheh,.. wat I say about dos two Funking pic is simple,..heheh.. we're already FUnK up by dis two 'Son of a Mother Funking Gun'.. i am voicing dis tot of mind here on my funking blog coz I jst felt sum chill running thru my spine,..I dun noe bout othr ppl but sum of my frens do feel it too so wat d funk am I gonna do about,..well,..nuting,..heheh..wat else can I say as dats d truth as I'm no funking politician but I cud well b a better politician wth most tho,..heheh.. who noes.. well I'm jst putting out sum possibilities dat mite happens in my beloved country Malaysia,.. I funking well hope my Tots on my own funking blog will not get me ISAed as I support ISA,..hehehehehe..wat a way of life in Malaysia, a typical lifestyle of a Malaysian..duh,.. how I miss Tun Dr.M's era whr we dun have to worry n let d politician do d funking politics,..coz to me Politics Funking Stink!!

Latest is overhearing talks of smses regarding d
Agong signing papers to dissolved Parliament n military will take over as caretaker govt in charge till d next GE,..really..?? den if dat happens thr will b chaos in d funking country..Well i've a few possibility dats rambling up in my funking mind due to reading sum of d bloggers article's & comments by visitors thru out dis funking virtual world,.. so is bro AnWar trying to blackmail d PM?? well wat makes Zaid quit as d Law Minister in such a haste for a small issue of ISA?? wat makes Zaid meeting wth Ku Li( if its not a rumour) & also meeting bro AnWar,??

1) Cud d reason bro AnWar wants to meet Plah is due to d straight 3c's...
a) Consulting :- arrange a meeting face to face wth Plah n shows sum documents/pics or Statutory Declaration by sum funking opportunistic money eyed moron about PLah's abuse of power.

b) Compromise :- If PLah agrees to bro AnWar's way den he will release his Premiership to bro AnWar n to d public he mite jst say " wat else can I do as d MPs wants AnWar as d Premiere..of coz to compromise d premiership bro AnWar must agree to PLah's term too..

c) Consensus:- If d opinion or position have been reached den bro AnWar will b d PM aftr all..

2) To quell of all possible challenge by Tun Dr.M, Ku Li and Muhyiddin's pact..den idat is in PLah's mind by taking over d Military Ministry ship den he's gonna challenge d silent majority of Malays... duh,..wat an oddhole..!

So base on dis funking scenario i have evry rite to feel d chill rite,..heheh..wat can i say,.. wat more wth YOU Plah D Moron who is now d Defence Minister who cud well b abusing ur funking new Power to quell any attempt by d mass supporters of Tun Dr.M, Ku Li, Muhyiddin n Tengku Mizan to put othr ppl as d PM instead of U!! nice funking move of spinning & twisting words of transition.. ur not going away now coz ur yet to get hold of d Khazanah Negara i.e Petronas rite?? well if dis scenario happened den let ppl b aware dat d possibility has been tot by a lot of ppl who have deir own mind to tink.. Have sum funking pride & resign wth dignity will u can Plah & stop being an idiotic moron dat will cos d dignity of d Malays.. dun test d market to long PLah as I'm funking worried bout d tense n uncertain situaton aroun us.. as for you bro AnWar, wat d funking armpit stink r u trying to do next,.. dun u funking realize dat no sane govt elected by d rakyat wud funking let a coup d'etat by deir opposition parties u funking son of a mother funking gun!! if d MP's join u it's still d rite of d voters to reject and u bloody funking well noe dat thr will b chaos n riots.. u pre empted a scenariointo d ppls mind wen u sent d letter for a transition of power by PLah, n u tink most of d silent majority dat wants a peaceful n harmony life like TUn Dr.M era will funking well keep quiet?? wat stupid move is dat...dun u funking noes d sentiment of ur own funking Malay brothers & sisters moron!! SO STOP DIS FUNKING MIND GAMES AS YOU WILL ONLY END UP MAKING PLAH NERVOUS & IMAGINE A NERVOUS MORON HOLDING D POST OF A DEFENSE MINISTRY WUD DO,..ITS A LIKE GIVING A LOADED GUN TO A KID... darn u bro AnWar, u really screwed up a lot of ppls sentiment n mind wth ur funking antics.. ur d destroyer of Malaysia..n same goes to u PLah and ur funking ilks..and by voicing all dis tot of my funking mind on my funking blog is wrong n I can b ISAed den I say I'll sue ur funking mind out, but I wun b suing d govt who implemented ISA but you PLah as d one n only top executive in Malaysia.. I support d ISA n if i'm to be ISAed for dis writing of mind den be it as I've had enuff of controlling my funking anger & dissapointment wth all you funking politicians! ur funkers r suppose to lead d country in a prosperous era n wat ur doin is d opposite funking shit!!.. wat d funk r u waiting for on lowering d petrol prices wch hav gone down below USD100..woii..dekat nak raya dah woiii...tak kesian kat rakyat jelata ka... semua org nak raya dan menghayati bulan ramadhan ni tp hangpa dok buat bagi rakyat cam gue ni jadi kelam kabut pasai banyak sangat kabar angin sampai ada yg dh stock makanan takut racial riots dan curfew!! apa ke jadah nya ni PLah.. Anuat..hang pi mampuih lah lagi senang kot camni( moga2 Allah ampun dosa ku sal cakap camni, tp apo nak dikato) aman sikit otak kami yg cinta keamanan dan keharmonian hidup sejahtera tanpa kerisauan ketegangan kaum.. ENUFF!! ENUFF!! ENUFF!! FUNK YOU PLAH & YOU BRO AnWar!! let d rakyat have back their life... To Tun Dr.M, Ku Li & Muhyiddin pls dun trust DS Najib to easily..I doubt his sincerity in helping d rakyat n country redeemed its lost image & glory... I cry for you Malaysia n I cry for my generations to come if dis nonsensical political mind game is not stop as it will scare all d investors away.. Act fast n keep M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R... dun let d rakyat take d power into deir own hands as it will be a dangerous move at a dangerous curve....

Am I wrong to voice out my funking tots on my funking blogs to relieve d funking strain on my funking mind wth d uncertainty shown by my funking MORONIC Prime Minister Abdullah Mohd Badawi?? A funking guy who jst wanna have a living to enjoy life b4 hereafter, I wrong? heheh..wat else can I funking say..(",)




p.s. to whoever came to my blog i'm sorry for dis outburst as I;m really pissed off wth d latest scenario of changing portfolio by Plah..damn d moronic idiot for causing all dis jittery n economic downturn.. How I wish for Tun Dr.M's era n b4 if not better!! Last but not least for today FUNK YOU PLAH! FUNK YOU AnWar!! FUNK YOU KAMAL!! FUNK YOU KJ!! FUNK YOU KALIMULE!! FUNK YOU ALL IN LEAGUE WITH DIS FUNKERS!!

Now for my sahur n a new day awaits..Pls God keep me cool again for d rest of dis days of ramadhan al mubarok..insyaallah..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Breaking News!! Bro AnWar Got His 30's...

Well, well, well,..heheh..wat can I say...dis is d sms received frm reliable source about d 30 chairs dat woz needed by bro AnWar to b d 6th Primary Minister of Malaysia,... wat a sad day for d rakyats,..heheh..wat else can I say,...(",)

" Akhirnya kejayaan brpihak pada YB Saudara AnWar pada jam 2.45ptg tadi dengan mendapat tambahan 30 kerusi dari PUSAT PERABOT COURTS MAMMOTH,..Syabas di ucapkan pada YB saudara AnWar,...A MAMMOTH ACHIEVEMENT in d History of Virtual Malaysia,.. d Master of Deception aka Master of Drama will announce d arrival of d chairs wen Parliament Bersidang,...wakakakakaka...wat farce!! Wat next bro AnWar?? Funk of you Devil Reincarnate...causing disharmony and tense in d Holy month of Ramadhan Al Mubarok..I hope God will punished you severely in dis coming days/month/years...period!!!