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Make Love Not War
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Wat Else Can I Say,..
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dangerous Curve Ahead..!!! D Possibility Thru A Feared Mind..

Click on bro AnWar's F Finger, heheh,..wat else can I read wat JMD has to say on bro AnWar's mind jst hit his F Finger pic,..heheh,.. wat I say about dos two Funking pic is simple,..heheh.. we're already FUnK up by dis two 'Son of a Mother Funking Gun'.. i am voicing dis tot of mind here on my funking blog coz I jst felt sum chill running thru my spine,..I dun noe bout othr ppl but sum of my frens do feel it too so wat d funk am I gonna do about,..well,..nuting,..heheh..wat else can I say as dats d truth as I'm no funking politician but I cud well b a better politician wth most tho,..heheh.. who noes.. well I'm jst putting out sum possibilities dat mite happens in my beloved country Malaysia,.. I funking well hope my Tots on my own funking blog will not get me ISAed as I support ISA,..hehehehehe..wat a way of life in Malaysia, a typical lifestyle of a Malaysian..duh,.. how I miss Tun Dr.M's era whr we dun have to worry n let d politician do d funking politics,..coz to me Politics Funking Stink!!

Latest is overhearing talks of smses regarding d
Agong signing papers to dissolved Parliament n military will take over as caretaker govt in charge till d next GE,..really..?? den if dat happens thr will b chaos in d funking country..Well i've a few possibility dats rambling up in my funking mind due to reading sum of d bloggers article's & comments by visitors thru out dis funking virtual world,.. so is bro AnWar trying to blackmail d PM?? well wat makes Zaid quit as d Law Minister in such a haste for a small issue of ISA?? wat makes Zaid meeting wth Ku Li( if its not a rumour) & also meeting bro AnWar,??

1) Cud d reason bro AnWar wants to meet Plah is due to d straight 3c's...
a) Consulting :- arrange a meeting face to face wth Plah n shows sum documents/pics or Statutory Declaration by sum funking opportunistic money eyed moron about PLah's abuse of power.

b) Compromise :- If PLah agrees to bro AnWar's way den he will release his Premiership to bro AnWar n to d public he mite jst say " wat else can I do as d MPs wants AnWar as d Premiere..of coz to compromise d premiership bro AnWar must agree to PLah's term too..

c) Consensus:- If d opinion or position have been reached den bro AnWar will b d PM aftr all..

2) To quell of all possible challenge by Tun Dr.M, Ku Li and Muhyiddin's pact..den idat is in PLah's mind by taking over d Military Ministry ship den he's gonna challenge d silent majority of Malays... duh,..wat an oddhole..!

So base on dis funking scenario i have evry rite to feel d chill rite,..heheh..wat can i say,.. wat more wth YOU Plah D Moron who is now d Defence Minister who cud well b abusing ur funking new Power to quell any attempt by d mass supporters of Tun Dr.M, Ku Li, Muhyiddin n Tengku Mizan to put othr ppl as d PM instead of U!! nice funking move of spinning & twisting words of transition.. ur not going away now coz ur yet to get hold of d Khazanah Negara i.e Petronas rite?? well if dis scenario happened den let ppl b aware dat d possibility has been tot by a lot of ppl who have deir own mind to tink.. Have sum funking pride & resign wth dignity will u can Plah & stop being an idiotic moron dat will cos d dignity of d Malays.. dun test d market to long PLah as I'm funking worried bout d tense n uncertain situaton aroun us.. as for you bro AnWar, wat d funking armpit stink r u trying to do next,.. dun u funking realize dat no sane govt elected by d rakyat wud funking let a coup d'etat by deir opposition parties u funking son of a mother funking gun!! if d MP's join u it's still d rite of d voters to reject and u bloody funking well noe dat thr will b chaos n riots.. u pre empted a scenariointo d ppls mind wen u sent d letter for a transition of power by PLah, n u tink most of d silent majority dat wants a peaceful n harmony life like TUn Dr.M era will funking well keep quiet?? wat stupid move is dat...dun u funking noes d sentiment of ur own funking Malay brothers & sisters moron!! SO STOP DIS FUNKING MIND GAMES AS YOU WILL ONLY END UP MAKING PLAH NERVOUS & IMAGINE A NERVOUS MORON HOLDING D POST OF A DEFENSE MINISTRY WUD DO,..ITS A LIKE GIVING A LOADED GUN TO A KID... darn u bro AnWar, u really screwed up a lot of ppls sentiment n mind wth ur funking antics.. ur d destroyer of Malaysia..n same goes to u PLah and ur funking ilks..and by voicing all dis tot of my funking mind on my funking blog is wrong n I can b ISAed den I say I'll sue ur funking mind out, but I wun b suing d govt who implemented ISA but you PLah as d one n only top executive in Malaysia.. I support d ISA n if i'm to be ISAed for dis writing of mind den be it as I've had enuff of controlling my funking anger & dissapointment wth all you funking politicians! ur funkers r suppose to lead d country in a prosperous era n wat ur doin is d opposite funking shit!!.. wat d funk r u waiting for on lowering d petrol prices wch hav gone down below USD100..woii..dekat nak raya dah woiii...tak kesian kat rakyat jelata ka... semua org nak raya dan menghayati bulan ramadhan ni tp hangpa dok buat bagi rakyat cam gue ni jadi kelam kabut pasai banyak sangat kabar angin sampai ada yg dh stock makanan takut racial riots dan curfew!! apa ke jadah nya ni PLah.. Anuat..hang pi mampuih lah lagi senang kot camni( moga2 Allah ampun dosa ku sal cakap camni, tp apo nak dikato) aman sikit otak kami yg cinta keamanan dan keharmonian hidup sejahtera tanpa kerisauan ketegangan kaum.. ENUFF!! ENUFF!! ENUFF!! FUNK YOU PLAH & YOU BRO AnWar!! let d rakyat have back their life... To Tun Dr.M, Ku Li & Muhyiddin pls dun trust DS Najib to easily..I doubt his sincerity in helping d rakyat n country redeemed its lost image & glory... I cry for you Malaysia n I cry for my generations to come if dis nonsensical political mind game is not stop as it will scare all d investors away.. Act fast n keep M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R... dun let d rakyat take d power into deir own hands as it will be a dangerous move at a dangerous curve....

Am I wrong to voice out my funking tots on my funking blogs to relieve d funking strain on my funking mind wth d uncertainty shown by my funking MORONIC Prime Minister Abdullah Mohd Badawi?? A funking guy who jst wanna have a living to enjoy life b4 hereafter, I wrong? heheh..wat else can I funking say..(",)




p.s. to whoever came to my blog i'm sorry for dis outburst as I;m really pissed off wth d latest scenario of changing portfolio by Plah..damn d moronic idiot for causing all dis jittery n economic downturn.. How I wish for Tun Dr.M's era n b4 if not better!! Last but not least for today FUNK YOU PLAH! FUNK YOU AnWar!! FUNK YOU KAMAL!! FUNK YOU KJ!! FUNK YOU KALIMULE!! FUNK YOU ALL IN LEAGUE WITH DIS FUNKERS!!

Now for my sahur n a new day awaits..Pls God keep me cool again for d rest of dis days of ramadhan al mubarok..insyaallah..


Anonymous said...

Umno members must realise all these before it's really too late!

Conspiracy Theorist said...

True Bro JMD but realization wthout taking action is also pathetic,.. I gess many realized d situation but as usual d tidak apa attitude until its too late is a norm among UMNO members,..wat else can I say,..heheh..(",)