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Make Love Not War
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Wat Else Can I Say,..
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sumting not rite sumwhr..

Hrmm..why do i get d feeling dat sumting dusn seems rite wth d whole scenario happening here.. D way I see it sum1 is trying to screw up our country real big dat it will definately make us bow for foreign help?? God help i hope i'm wrong..heheh..wat can I say.. my twin say's thr is a possibility by d look of wat's happening rite now..duh..cud it b dat bro AnWar set dis up all d while using his agent in d BN.. cud it b d collaboration of KJ..cud bro AnWar end up being a victim of his own mind games n plot..??
Or is it d work of dat blue eyed boy wonder who uses bro AnWar to his benefit..biting d hands dat feed..?? I do have a few theories as d situation dus not warrant for d police to arrest bro AnWar by sending UTK unless it is an indirect publicity for bro AnWar to make him more popular aftr d debate whch had won d hart of many ppl who dusn noe bout econs.. all dey say is "AnWar is prihatin 2wards d rakyat, he cares for d rakyat" duh...dats wat I heard..he got 10/10 wen he says he is not blaming Petronas n dat Petronas had help in d dev of d country.. of coz most rakyat accept dat wthout Petronas we will be at worst.. see how a seasoned politician play & twist d facts thru words..but I must admit bro AnWar is on d winning side even b4 d debate as he is talking bout d drastic hike of 75 cents..he did mention dat its possible to lower by 50 cent so dat leave d hike up price as 25 cent..about d figure hike up during Tun M's tenure as PM..he talks logic n Shabily makes a mistake of bringing up d past antic of bro AnWar wen he woz in office..what's d point n dat is indirectly attacking b ro AnWar's character..d whole debate woz a mistake for d govt who is already on d wrong...Look at d logic, u make a mistake and u noe ur wrong but due to pride u say ur rite n u accept to debate on why ur rite knowing well d othr party cud proof ur wrong..wat an a*****e.. A moron for PM & silly dilly proud Ministers.. I cant stand d look of bro Shabery wenever he spoke..err..for future public speakers make sure u wipe d corner of ur mouth every now & den..every 5mins wud b gud,.. heheh..wat can I say..i'm too embarass to comment on d debate,,of coz bro AnWar won in d eyes of d rakyat...tink for urself..dus d rakyat believe d govt under SamDollah d Moron?? most surfers of dis web world of information can decide for demself wth d info dey read... Kickdafella's theory is logic but i wun b too sure as I do not noe how d Govt see to it.. if no1 in d govt can defute d claim by bro Kickky den I believe he has a point..(as to date I believe he has sumting on it)

If bro AnWar really bugered his PA den it cud b history for bro AnWar if d police got his DNA.. but if he did not do it(wch i doubt) den he cud be d next PM..& Malaysia will b anothr Singapore (undr US). Wat I'm worried about is d whisperers says dat bro Saiful woz sodomized and now d govt is trying to shoot down bro Saiful's allegation..hrmm..if dat happens den I'm sure my theory is rite all along n dat PLah/Kamal/Kj/AnWar is working 2gether for d illuminatis/neocons namely d 'Bankers'.. Pray to God i'm wrong & only bro AnWar is involved wth d illuminatis/neocons.. Jst i'll try to comment more aftr observing d coming scenario...TIME WILL TELL...wat can I say..(,")

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