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Make Love Not War
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Wat Else Can I Say,..
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

916 or 911 revisited for bro AnWar..

Is 916 really significant or its being blown up jst to shake d foundation of BN's gess is 911 is more significant to bro AnWar as dat will b d date bro AnWar mite collapse jst like d WTC in Sept 11..No..why not since Sept 10 bro AnWar will b having a date wth d Court..heheh..i wud say by Sept. 10 news will b out on whtr bro AnWar will b in big shit trying to explain to his supporters or he will sing d 'Jailhouse Rock' heheh.. funny how politics can change a human wth principle to a man wth no principle like both bro AnWar & our idiotic moron PM.. bro AnWar is burning hot inside due to d facts dat he became arrogant n declared openly to topple d current govt lead by d sleeping moron n wat happen woz d othr way around.. I gess wat bro AnWar dreaded most is happening dat is d return of C.H.E.Det..and to support YM Ku Li at dat..wats bro AnWar gonna do is he gonna counter d rise of d near forgoten Prince of Thief or d Robin Hood of Malaysia as my fren had said.. well watever it is I really tink n believe Ku Li is d best choice available bside our young turks.. I hope Dato Mukhriz wud b next in line after 10yrs or earlier..

Dat being said I salute d conspirator dat orchestrated d whole deal i.e. wait till d MP's go out frm d country to divert d scecnario & badabing badabong Tun M is making a comeback to help Ku Li wth only d old MP's aroun..jst imagine Rafidah voicing out bout d quota must go aftr hearing d pact between Tun Dr.Daddy M, YM Ku Li & TS Muhyiddin( i heard d Tengku Mizan woz also thr).. hmm wat next is a matter of Time Will Tell n d coundown to 916 might jst stop at 911..kaput bro AnWar & PLah & deir ilks.. to bro AnWar gud luck in ur dream as u needed it d most at d moment n I gess its fated for d PM chair to elude u...heheh..wat can I say to our local Rasputin cept Wat Next Bro AnWar..wth d Devil in chain dis Ramadhan Al-Mubarok jst imagine d situation for his Advocate namely bro AnWar & PLah
,.. (God forgive me for I have sinned)..wat can I say..heheh..(,") 911 revisited at a different country but its not d collapsed of a building like d WTC but mite b d collapse of PKR & PR in general,..insyaallah..waallahualam.. :) my new trademark in posting comment on bloggers site will now officially be " SAY NO TO NWO!! SAY BYE TO AnWaR & PLah!! SAY WELCOME TO FUTURE PM TGK RAZALEIGH aka Ku Li!! "..wth dat being said i'm glad i've got sumting to post today,..heheh..wat else can I say..(,")


hanis said...

agree with u...


Muhammad Azli Shukri said...

bahaya benar ni!