Make Love Not War

Make Love Not War
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Wat Else Can I Say,..

Wat Else Can I Say,..
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tun Dr.M being Sabotaged!!..duh..

Posted by PicasaDreamweaver
Wat can I say..heheh..tings r quiet for d past 2 days frm Tun M's blogspot..gess wat..i jst read in Jebat Must Die dat Tun's blog was suspended by due to spam complaint..
Wth a record hit sum1 felt it woz gud to make false claim about spam comments..well try as they might but Tun Dr.Daddy M is up again thru i gess a different it by hitting me

Neway after a quiet 2 days Tun got his article posted again The Chorus Line
well hope we can enjoy Tun Dr.M's article again without disruption in d new future,..heheh..wat can I say... welcme bac Tun M!!

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