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Make Love Not War
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Wat Else Can I Say,..
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Illuminatis at works!! chaos ahead??

Voice of the White House June 23, 2008

TBR – June 23, 2008

“The Beltway is always awash in rumor, speculation, lies and perversions. Plans to do this or that are sent around, none of which will ever be executed but indicate the mind-sets of the writers. We have Mr. Yoo, the lawyer for Justice who delighted in finding ways to legally torture people. He is now a professor at Berkeley and they deserve him, believe me.

The latest piece of psychotic garbage comes from the Cheney people who have been sending out trial queries to various agencies. There are no real secrets here but everyone thinks there are. And now what is the latest? Why nothing but a strong suggestion that the United States use their long-stored but certainly extant biological weaponry against the countries of Southeast Asia , to include: China , Indonesia , Vietnam , and others. Bombs, you ask? No, destruction of vital SEA food supplies by the introduction of deadly plant diseases.

The idea is to start this nastiness remote from our shores and to use agents that would not thrive in the colder United States so they cannot spread here. That they would certainly spread to Burma , India and other countries has never been considered. The Aussies had this project on their plate some years ago and the project has become a father in that piece of CIA-type nastiness.

Mass SEA starvation would benefit the United States , the proponents suggest, by cutting down the huge populations almost overnight and would also remove any direct threat to the United States for many years to come. If later there is a resurgence of population in China , it won’t be on their watch.

And, of course, destroying their crops and eventually causing the spread of famine and inevitable death, would have the added advantage of preserving the physical assets of the collapsed countries, assets like the great untapped Viethamese oil fields and the factories of China .

Rice is the primary target and we already have developed diseases that would not only wipe out a current rice crop but could so contaminate the growing areas that rice could not be a crop for several generations.

Will this happen? Probably not but the thinking, and the means exist and that is bad enough. When they talk about demolishing nuclear weapons (which is a huge joke) why not add biological weapons to the list?

That will never happen, either.”

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