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Make Love Not War
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Wat Else Can I Say,..
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bro AnWar..Downfall Of A Legend or D Masquerader....

Hopefully dis is true..heheh..wat can I say.. heard d Whisperers saying dat bro AnWar is gonna b history as thr r inside supporters of PKR who's doin sum quiet undrgroun movement to 'Kaleh Tangan' on bro AnWar dis P.Pauh by-E, really gonna b history n d beginning of d end for PR or d end of a beginning for bro AnWar... i pray dis is true & if it dus it will happen wth a humiliating defeat for d power craze AnWar Ibrahim.. d Master of Deception defeated by his own deception.. lets see how d PKR ppl r goin to handle dis rite now my crazy assumption but possible scenario on wats next will be, PAS vote Akim n leave PKR members wth sum sentimental Chinese & Indians left.. den now PKR members behind d back of bro AnWar is gonna make a killing feat dat will b written in history as d PARTY RAKYAT dat throws deir own de-facto leader out in d spirit of rakyat as dey realise bro AnWar is doin 'it' for personal & bigger agenda wth d neocons..heheh..wat can I for d sentimental indians & chinese sum will vote UMNO again upon learning d 'Kaleh Tangan'movement goin on.. wats left to support bro AnWar will b d DAPsies n Hidrafiq(short for Hindraf Munafiq)... to fellow 'True Malaysian' support d current coalition party dat governs us but over throw d leaders d lead us wrongly to destruction...make D.Ariff wins & den lets put PLah or YAB DS Abdullah Hj.Ahmad Badawi out from d leadership helm... lets all try our best to support YAM T.Razaleigh Hamzah up as d PM wth eithr DS Najib, DS Rais or Muhyiddin as d DPM..lets foster our unity as Malaysian of coz aftr fostering d unity of d Malays first & foremost.. if d Malays are not strong & united den I fear d Non Malays will suffer most as d country will b in chaotic situation wen Malays r weak..history have proven so pls maintain d social contracts wth honor.. d younger generations of chinese,indians n Malays shud ask deir older generations wats its like an aftermath of each social unrest n etchnic instability cud do.. wat is worrying me now is d attitude of a bai dats playing wth d sentiment of d Malays.. wat d funk is he tinking!! duh wat an oxymoron dat is to have as a lawyer.. i wudn b surprise if one dat one of d prisoner/accused dat he is defending will kill him if dat person had taken it as a sentimental issue due to d fact he is a Malay..den wat will happen?? a racial unrest like wats happening in d west & now spreading to othr continents wth multi racial citizen...?? wat next??

We must never forget for as long as d Illuminati is aroun we will forever b challenged by d western civilization wch has unfortunately been lured to d illuminati's concept of New World Order.. D CIA support d gay movement for wat?? do sum googling n research, or I mite post sumting bout it later.. A lot of ppl dun like d Pokka or Sesumpah.. so can we trust any1 who hav d traits of a Pokka,..heheh...wat can I say..u decide.. till den we'll c wat more theories lies ahead..more conspiracies bro AnWar..??!! i wudn b surprised bro AnWar's gonna do d untinkable...heheh..u gess rite..'RUN FOR UR LIFE'...... have u seen how Pokka runs..

p.s. click on bro AnWar's Pokka face to read wat woz said or check Small Talk

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anakmalaysia said...

Aku pun harap Anwar jadi history macam samyvellu. Lepas itu kita bagi abdullah jadi history.

Kemudian kita bagi melayu kuat semula.

Barulah aman damai negara ini