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Monday, July 28, 2008

D Medic Report as stated in Malaysia-Today deciphered...

So wat next, heheh..wat can I say..wat started as a possible statement by d Burmese Doc as saying dat bro Saiful woz not sodomized by bro AnWar cud possibly turn out as mere rumours as i doubt dat any1 cud deny d possible explanation by a commentator who says d report says bro Saiful woz it here or visit Husin Lempoyangs website for more comments..heheh..wat can I say..Time Will Tell..(,")...
ayor_lemuju said...

Husin, kita buat pelan2 supaya tak koyak ye?

Ok first2 yg kat muka depan tu.
1) Kependekan F/T bermaksud full time. Full time? Ok, meaningless.
2) Tenesmus x1/52 bermaksud susah nak berak seminggu. Atau berak tak puas
3) pain (di cross kan) not noticed any PR bleed - PR is for pathogenesis related - pathogenesis ialah permulaan jangkitan
4) pain in the anus when passing motion (for a week)
5) (tak boleh baca) is unstable
6) pt (patient) was alleged assaulted by intruding tt (too tight) plane (?) into the anus
7) willing to do report

ayor_lemuju said...

yg didakwa 0 (zero) active bleeding, 0 ulcer or puss seen dan 0 tear seen. tu bukan zero tapi "o" maksudnya observation. Kependekan untuk tiada ialah null, no, neg(ative) atau -/ve

Diagnosis: TRO Assault (sodomise)
Rawatan: advise to go to the government hospital (plan to do police report)

Ini bermaksud doktor mengesahkan Saiful telah diliwat dan menggesa Saiful memohon Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), dengan mendapat pemeriksaan di hospital kerajaan seterusnya membuat laporan polis.

Dipetik dari satu website:-
An employer may not discharge, discriminate, or retaliate against an employee who is a domestic violence/sexual assault survivor for taking time off to:
* Obtain/attempt to obtain any relief, including a TRO/RO/injunctive relief, to help insure the health, safety, or welfare of a survivor

ayor_lemuju said...

... dan itu tidak bermakna aku berkecenderungan luar tabii, tapi cuma nak menolong.

Sudah la Rawna, confirm dah!

Is dis a falsified report as if it is den d Dr Osman(burmese) did not make any statement dat contradicts d report n d word o is not 0 but short for observation in medic term n anothr key pointer is TRO wch is Temporary Restraining Order & not To Rule Out as claim by RPK in his website,..heheh..Pete...Pete, u did it again..dis time its obvious u made an assumption dat d burmese doc denied any traces of sodomy.. hrmmm, wat can i say,..heheh..Time Will Tell..(",)

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