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Make Love Not War
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Wat Else Can I Say,..
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

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Conspiracy Theorists
By Jolly Roger

Everyone has heard, and has probably used the term "conspiracy theorist," and the fact of the

term being in common use, also indicates that we generally agree on what it means.

The most common perception people have of someone to whom that label is applied, and just as

important, is who it is that applies the label. The common perception is that someone who is

labeled a "conspiracy theorist" is suffering from some type of psychological disorder, and that

label is usually applied to people by our government, and our news media. The next thing to

consider, is that the label is applied to anyone who questions our government's version of events

in any matter. Doesn't it logically follow that the media are teaching us to assume that anyone

who questions the government is insane? When that label is applied to a person, doesn't it

become easy to dismiss everything they say without even hearing it? How convenient for them.

Which is "theory" and which is fact? In the absence of a full confession, this can only be

decided by a preponderance of evidence, and it would be silly to come to a conclusion on any

matter without looking at all the evidence available. This is only common sense, just as it is safe

to assume some degree of guilt or complicity on the part of anyone who lies about an event, or

tries to hide, plant, or destroy any type of evidence.

Conspiracy theories arise from evidence. After the government releases an explanation of a

particular event, a conspiracy theory is only born because evidence exists to disprove their

explanation, or at least call it into question. There's nothing insane about it, unless you define

sanity as believing whatever the government tells you. In light of the fact that our government

lies to us regularly, I would define believing everything they tell you as utter stupidity.

Cud our country have been run by the same type of mentality as dis Illuminatus running US of A and the rest of the New World Order (of the Secret Societies) of Neocons.. read d rest here

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